You all massively requested for my beauty secrets when I asked about possible content for Polienne so I pulled out my beauty stash and started photographing like crazy. Let's go!

For the shower

Let's start with shower products! I just liked this picture best :) I don't really have any special hair products for the shower, I usually just grab any tube that looks fancy in the supermarket. But I do take care of my skin! First of all, I always clean my face with the Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid when I shower. Every week (or every other week) I do a scrub and most of the times I use these Vanilla & Apple Body Scrub by H&M — smells soooo good. Once in a while, for 'special' occasions, I use my Elemental Herbology Beach Prep Radiance Body Polish. Afterwards my skin always feels a bit oily and strongly moisturized. 

Day cream/moisturizer

I am blessed with wonderful skin-genes but my face (like every other face) still needs to be hydrated every morning! I tend to switch a lot between my day creams and moisturizers because I don't want my skin to get used to the product. This doesn't mean that I have a huge stash of hydration products, but that I never really buy the same product in a row. To be fully honest, before writing this article I had absolutely no clue there was a difference between day cream and moisturizer. So ehm, I just use my hydration products daily :) Here are my three latest hydrators! The Shiseido Day Moisture Protection was a little bit too greasy for my skin but I really loved using the Pureness Matifying Moisturizer. Because I liked this gel experience more than a real cream, my latest purchase is the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel. I've only been using it since last week but I must say I'm very satisfied! Other products that I've bought before were day creams from Nivea (like!) and Hema. 

Face maintenance & make-up remover

Can you tell which are my favourite beauty brands? As you can see, I really like to switch between more expensive and a bit cheaper products. I've been using the Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser for about two years now and I really really love it. I cleanse my face with it daily, before applying my day cream. I always thought it was a lotion but apparently it isn't. Is there anyone here who can explain me why? :) These are two of my make-up remover products — the first one is a cleansing milk with cucumber from Hema and the second one is the Shesedio Gentle Cleansing Cream. I only use the latter in periods that I have to work a lot, to make sure that my skin is cleansed deeply after those hundreds of layers of make-up. There's also a make-up remover specifically for eye make-up in my beauty stash and I believe that's from Garnier, but I forgot to photograph this one. 


I don't ever wear a lot of make-up — most pictures on my blog are with bare face — but I do own a lot of it. Because of my work I try to enjoy the times that I don't have to wear any make-up so mostly I prefer to walk out of the door with nothing on but my day cream. Sometimes however I do like that extra touch of freshness and therefore I add some mascara and shape my eyebrows. This eye brow pencil from Catrice is almost used up so if you have any tips on good eye brow products, shoot!

When I go to a casting I mostly do add make-up. Still, it's very little! I have this MAC foundation and very old (oops) Dior powder that form the base of my make-up. Then I have an even older blush (oooops) from L'Oreal and my good old Chanel eye shadow palette. But again, these products spend more time hiding in my make-up box than shining on my face.

I don't have a particular favourite mascara and I usually buy rather cheap brands at the supermarket or grocery store. I did hear that YSL has some amazing mascara — any beauty addicts here that can confirm? Most people wear make-up when going out so I try to follow these 'generally accepted rules'. I don't like over the top make-up but I do like a touch of eyeliner. I've always used liquid eyeliner but recently discovered that using a kohl pencil is WAY easier! To try it out I bought these two Essence pencils. The first one did seem black in the store by the way... Then there is lipstick! Again, no overdoing for me, so I prefer this very subtle 030 Ginger & Fred lipstick from Catrice. And there's the good old Chanel palette again!

And then, nail polish... Let's not go there.


I'm not a sweet/girly/flowery kind of perfume girl and I actually don't know anything about perfume at all. These two were gifted and perfectly suit my taste, which is kind of 'woody'. The Rituals No. 07 White Patchouli & Cedar Wood has this great luxury travel perfume holder so it's my regular company during flights. The Diesel Fuel For Life was a present from my brother-in-law for Christmas last year and I was amazed by the scent and design of the bottle. 

Oh, and by the way, this is not AT ALL a sponsored post! These are just my daily products ;-)

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