Pictures by Dogs & Dresses

dress (c/o fairground) denim jacket (thrifted), bag (zara)
beanie (asos), necklace, belt & ankle boots (h&m)

The lovely people from Life Lasting PR send me this gorgeous floral Fairground dress all the way from London! Though I think it's very pretty with these dark colours (I'm feeling a bit 90s and Styling Dutchman in some ways), I can't wait to take it out for a spin in Spring or Summer. Paired with some slippers, a straw hat, loads of sunshine and you're good to go. I wore this comfy & cool outfit for work — hence the beautiful eyeliner and the wavy hair. Still funny to see how people react on dresses with a 'strange' length, no? Most people at work think it's pretty but still wouldn't wear it themselves. Get over it, peeps: mid-length dresses are cute and don't have to look retro at all! The only issue that I'm experiencing is that I always grab the same pair of shoes to wear with these kind of dresses. Boots seem too heavy, flats too nun-like and heels too chic. So ankle boots it is. Any other tips? To end with; here are some happy 'backstage' pictures, because outfit shooting with Elien is FUNNN.

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